Governance over land, resources, and assets is a key cornerstone supporting the design and development of the Aquathereum world and we would like to share some of that ownership with our players. The Aquathereum team has decided to tokenize governance and game ownership in order to share the benefits with our user base so they can take an active role in the design, release, and profit of the game. Aquathereum governance tokens will be offered for a limited time for public purchase. 

Aquathereum is set to launch its initial public sale of the governance token on Friday, February 7th for an initial price of 0.05 Ethereum per token. The initial token sale is currently scheduled to last for 2 months ending on April 10th.

What are the benefits of owning Aquathereum Governance Tokens? 
Provides passive income – Revenue from ship, sea chest, and asset sales, in-game sales, and future token sales
Allows token holders formal voting rights in key design and development decisions
Provides access to special in-game content (e.g. missions, special features) and priority access for ship and sea chest pre-sales – get your ships and other assets before they are publicly available 

Please see our White Paper for additional details. 

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