Now you can start to craft bases!
Here are some disclosures how much time it will take to you.

Main Base : 
200k stone
100k iron 
Build time: 24h
Approx 7 days


Repair dock:
75k stone
25k iron
25k oil
Build time: 12h
Approx 1 day


Reaserch center:
150k stone
100k iron
50k oil
50k electronics
Build time: 24 h 
Approx 3 days 


Common ore rig:
50k stone
50k iron
10k oil
Build time : 12 h
approx 1 day


Rare ore rig:
75k stone 
25k electronics
25k oil
Build time: 12 h 

approx 1,5 days

Automated base defences:
15k stone
15k iron
15k electronics
15k oil
Build time: 8 h
Approx 12h

Keep in mind that as time goes by the difficulty of 
crafting can change as the game territory expands daily.