Now you can start to craft bases!
Here are some disclosures how much time it will take to you.

Main Base : 
200k stone
100k iron 
Build time: 24h
Approx 7 days


Repair dock:
75k stone
25k iron
25k oil
Build time: 12h
Approx 1 day


Reaserch center:
150k stone
100k iron
50k oil
50k electronics
Build time: 24 h 
Approx 3 days 


Common ore rig:
50k stone
50k iron
10k oil
Build time : 12 h
approx 1 day


Rare ore rig:
75k stone 
25k electronics
25k oil
Build time: 12 h 

approx 1,5 days

Automated base defences:
15k stone
15k iron
15k electronics
15k oil
Build time: 8 h
Approx 12h

Keep in mind that as time goes by the difficulty of 
crafting can change as the game territory expands daily.


Please note this website is built just for informative purpose while the main website is under construction.

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